Wonder Woman Ironing Mens Tshirt
Wonder Woman Ironing Mens Tshirt

Wonder Woman Ironing Mens Tshirt

$ 23.95
  • 100% Ringspun Cotton
  • Printed with high quality Eco Friendly DTG Inks
  • Traditional Mens Comfort Fit
  • Weight 5.5oz
Pink J.
I'm a fan & collector of many things Wonder Woman. I even have a tattoo of her on my arm. I bought this shirt for my husband for Father's Day. I am his Wonder Woman & he is my Superman. He knows that behind his success is his Wonder Woman taking care of things & getting stuff done. This shirt is in no way sexist. Anyone who claims that it is, is demeaning every woman on the planet, including their own mother, wife, sister, & daughter. This shirt is awesome!
BeBe F.
My mother adores this shirt. It fits well and the design is bright and prominent. The idea of it being sexist is absolutely ridiculous. Why is the idea of a woman doing housework considered weak and demeaning? You're putting down house wives and any woman who wants to take care of their family by saying that. Who says that being a strong independent women doesn't mean you can iron your man's clothes once in a while? Your feminist ridiculousness insults my mother, my sister and my wife. All women who work hard everyday and still come home to cook and clean NOT because of your supposed "oppressive" gender roles but because they actually care for their families without needing to complain about minute annoyances. This shirt shows that Wonder Woman, a literal demigod, can fight off evil, get rid of injustice, and save the world but can still come home to make sure her significant other has his clothes ironed and looking nice. Not because she has to but WANTS to since she cares about him and it's one of the many ways she can show it.