How does FARFETCH discount work?

How does FARFETCH discount work?

FARFETCH discounts are discounts that are offered by FARFETCH to its clients on the items that are available on their platform. This means that FARFETCH discounts are specific to FARFETCH users only. It is not only about getting a FARFETCH discount. You also have to know how these discounts work. If you do not know how these discounts work, then they will be of no use to you even if you already have your discount code. We take you through the steps of how FARFETCH discount and FARFETCH discount code work.
They are for FARFETCH clients
You can only use a FARFETCH discount if you are their client. Anyone can become a FARFETCH client since it is just a shop like any other luxury fashion shop only that this one is an online one. All you have to do to become a FARFETCH client is create an account using your email address. After successfully creating a FARFETCH account, you can now use a FARFETCH discount because you automatically become a member. These discounts are for clients who make online purchases using the FARFETCH platform.
Choose a FARFETCH discount that suits you
It is very important for you to choose a FARFETCH discount that you can claim eligibly. For instance, student discounts are meant for students. You will have to prove that you are a student for you to activate your discount code. You cannot use a Student discount if you are not a student. There are many categories of FARFETCH discounts and they are updated on a daily basis. Other discounts available include first time shopper discounts, youth discounts and many others.
You must make a cash purchase
You can only use a FARFETCH discount after making a cash purchase. FARFETCH discounts are not sent to you directly. They are deducted from the items you purchase.